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Just wondering, if anyone here has done any modification with the rear indicator? Not the mods on the indicator lights, of course... but, electrically with the indicator system? I.e with Skene Design light controller... Well, the reason why I have this notion to mod the indicator lighting is to achieve something like BMW's latest dynamic brake lights... Anyway, I thought I have found one that come close to it, but I only realize that it won't work, not knowing that the MTS's indicator is part of the CAN network, and Volomods is not compatible with CAN BUS. For Volomods on MTS, it is not completely not useable. I have a strong gut feeling that my issue can be somehow addressed, with your all helps.

The thing is, everything seems to work perfectly, until when BBS is outputting turn signal while Volomods is also outputting signals to the rear indicator light. When the signal from the BBS is intercepted, immediately I get lamp-out error. Front indicator flashing fast, but rear indicator will not flash until it has been reset either by restarting the electronics or goes into hazard light. During the lamp-out, rear indicator will have no problem to lit up whenever Volomods detects deceleration. It is like, BBS refuses to output signal (and goes into lamp-out), whenever it detected a "disturbance" at the signal output. So, my question now are, what can I do to make the BBS to ignore the "disturbance" and avoiding going into lamp-out? would installing a load resistor between the BBS and Volomods helps? Which I personally doubt the resistor would helps... As I don't think it is due to the current load.

To help you guys better understand how it works, i have attached the wiring schematic for your reference, below.


General function, the Volomods unit itself is an accelerometer to sense deceleration, and at the same time giving out pre-braking indication to the the rear turn indicators. And also, outputting signal to rear turn indicators as "stop-lights" when brake lever is actuated when the motorcycle is in still.

Anyway, any inputs will be appreciated... Thanks.
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