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Vintage Parts

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I live in Toronto and need some help finding parts for a 1990 750 Sport.

Trying to get it back to running condition. Thanks in advance.
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The 750 Sport was a bike Ducati built from the parts bin. Other than the fairings almost every part on the bike was sourced from another model of Ducati at the time. Your local dealer or an online dealer can help. Brake lines are super easy.

16" tires for the 750 Sport (130/60/16 and 160/60/16) as well as the Paso and the Ducati Laguna Seca (all shared the same rims) are being manufactured again by the GoldenTyre Company. They have a Canada office I spoke with a gentleman there (Mike) and he will be happy to arrange new tires for you and anyone else who needs them in Canada. Check there website for contact information.
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