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In June I bought a 916 built 1995, re-imported from the US to Europe.

All seemed to be OK, the VIN ZDM1SB8S0SV002387 on the frame was confirmed by e-mail by Ducati North America to be in their files since 1995 through Auto-Check to the original "Certificate of Title" of 2006 I received with the bike.

Now, Ducati Germany charged me 95 Euros for sending me a technical datasheet showing ZDM1SB8S0SB002387. With that, I can't register my bike, Ducati informed me, ZDM1SB8S0SV002387 would never have existed.

Can anybody help, give me information ?



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There's nothing wrong with the VIN.

The 11th character simply designates the factory location where the bike was built.

B= Bologna Italy,
V = Varese Italy

Early 916's were built simultaneously in these two places. Some think that because there are relatively fewer Varese-built 916's, they are somewhat rare, and consequently more desirable.

Go here for more info on Ducati's VIN coding.

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