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Video Player for My Mystery Moto Films

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Some of you have sent me personal e-mails saying that you cannot play the race flicks I am posting.

Well, I ain't no damn tech support. Unless you have donated to Scott's site herein, Duc-MS, all I can say is that you get what you pay for.

For the one member who is a Gold Member of Duc-MS, here is an AWESOME little program Roto uses. It's freeware and HOT.

A little background. Even though I have purchased all the media production and playing programs, I grew weary of always having to open up a particular program to play a video, such as Quick-time [mov], jpeg [avi], Windows [wmv], Divx [mpeg 4], DVD [mpeg 2], Windows stream [ASF], blah, blah.

So I searched for hours for one player that played anything I could throw at it. I ended up finding this small [5MB] player that is freeware.

You can tell it to open any file and even set it to be the default player when putting in a DVD.

It does NOT install on your computer. The 5MB file sits resident on your PC, and as an icon on your desktop for example. You simply click the icon to open, then tell it what file to play, such as my Moto WMV movies.

Again, it's freeware, but the guy has a "donate" button, albeit last time I tried it, the link was dead, so maybe he no longer has the site or software offered. If so, that makes this program even more valuable.

Here is the file, simply right click to download to your PC, save it on to your desktop, then click to use.


Here it is playing the Mystery Moto WMV file [note: clarity is as sharp as the file you are playing, e.g., DVD plays sharp. My printscreen does not take clear snapshots of the player video, so that is why it is blurry].

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