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*video*: multi-episode on D16RR production

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So, it's 4:30am, I awake in cold sweats after a very vivid dream of having fathered a talking baby with a girl I have no intention of marrying. This is what happens when you are forced to watch back to back episodes of "john&kate+8" the night before. Needless to say my heart is racing, cold sweats, and I'm left pondering the real-life effects if something like that were to happen... my life, as I know it, would be over. :eek:

So, to distract myself, I got on my favorite sites, and dug up these awesome videos which detail everything on the design/production/thought process behind the d16rr. Hope this hasn't been posted before, I searched, couldn't find... was therapeutic for me ;)


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Hope you could get back to sleep after a nightmare like that. Awesome videos :D but the first and fourth are coming up "removed by user" and "not found"?
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