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Vest Patch's

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Last year we did the Laughlin River Run Ride to Nevada and there i bought a pure leather vest at great price but now i need some cool Ducati patches to put on. What i'm looking for is a large patch for the back shoulder area,do any of you know where i can get one,please. I do alot of charity rides and i see others w/ thier's on and well i would like to represent my Ducati,there's more m/c other than harleys,yamaha star's,victory's,this is all i see at these functions,thanks:cool:
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I have purchased several patches from Podium Racing on ebay. His products are very nice. I have a few of the large Ducati Corse patches, one on a riding backpack one on a winter riding jacket. He makes them large enough to cover the full back area of a large jacket, or "normal" size patches.

Ducati also makes a number of patches sold through dealers or web retailers.
A second on Podium

Grabbed a large and small Duc patch from them. Large patch is perfect for back and small is perfect for shoulder or front.
I put them on a Frank Thomas textile jacket that I used on really hot days. Spilled burnt rear end oil on the jacket and then soaked and washed it 3 times to get the smell out. I can still smell a tinge of rear end juice but the patches look brand new.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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