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Ventura pack on a chopped tail?

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I have looked all over and cannot find anything if a Ventura pack system will fit an S2R with a tail chop? It appears on some of the older models that it hooked up near the beer tray. The pics on the website looks lke it somehow attaches to the passenger grab rails as well as along the subframe. Any first hand knowledge would be great! Thanks
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How is a guy supposed to travel on a monster with a passenger?:confused: My search continues.
I have received my response from Ventura. They enclosed full mounting instructions and pictures from another monster that they used for fabrication. Here's the trick part, I still have according to the pictures the cross member they need to attach the bolts to. I am going to go ahead and order that pack system and install. I will post up when complete! Fingers crossed;)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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