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Hello Troops
A quick heads up here expressly for those who've experienced the progressive deterioration of their brake system typified by poor piston retraction.
Over our many years of working with racing brakes in severe duty conditions, it has become abundantly apparent that the OE aluminum pistons are often the source of this phenomenon which becomes progressively worse over time.

To that end, we've introduced a relatively comprehensive range of ventilated pistons machined from U.S spec stainless steel expressly designed to deal with the the stiction problem present in virtually all modern motorcycle brakes. Granted, racing was the genesis of this development, but the implications extend well beyond racing and into the broader high performance realm of modern sport bikes. At the core, aluminum is a brilliant material with applications in industries that covers an incredibly broad cross-section of manufacturing today...but its use as a brake caliper piston material isn't one of them. In the interest of brevity, a picture is worth a thousand words:

BT Caliper Racing Pistons​

BrakeTech USA is pleased to announce the release our all new Caliper Racing Pistons. Manufactured from proprietary U.S. spec stainless steel to provide much greater thermal stability for Pro level racing. Replaces the highly conductive OE aluminum pistons with specially engineered ventilated design that all but eliminates those thermal transfer shortcoming:

• Reduces thermal conductivity by 94%
• Dramatically improves piston retraction - reduces brake drag
•*Improves brake release for greater control exiting the apex
• Virtually eliminates fluid boil
• Increases top speed

Available for most late model Sportbikes including M50 and GP4-RX calipers.*
Pricing: $175/per individual 4-pot caliper

Though not a panacea for all brake problems, this new product category does impact and correct the majority of them. Master-cylinder issues, old/aging piston seals, depleted (contaminated) brake fluid, etc. all play a factor. But thermal dynamics is often the source and these new hi-tech pistons clearly address that shortcoming.

BrakeTech USA


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