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Don't usually get all worked up enough to write a review of something like this, but this jacket so far exceeded my expectations for the $70 price I must say something. This jacket is sold as wind and water resistant and looks like some plain old zip up Nehru jacket from the '60's, very Chinese worker for Mao kinda look. Like Dickies stuff for the janitor or mechanic. You classy guys on your immaculate rides and your perfect hair would just pass this by on the rack and I think that would be a mistake I almost made.

It is absolutely windproof with its very simple but tightly sealing velcro, equal to some $400+ ski/adventure jackets from fancy sports stores that I own. As for water resistant, well I live in Arizona so there hasn't been any rain yet, but the beer spilled on me at the bar ran off without leaving a stain,...

Bought it to wear under a nice perforated/vented summer bike jacket, but it rocks the part on its own. Not exactly warm, but must be some sort of Thinsulate type of stuff in there. Wear a vest under it and you can ride in 30 degree F no problem, I have at over 8.000 feet elevation today. I did add a neck warmer to cover that last inch of skin exposure below the helmet.

Found it on the internet at Vega MSS Jacket - Motorcycle Superstore but bought it local from the bike shop.

Highly recommend, exceeds the performance of very pricy jackets, especially if you have a body type with a long torso like I do, this jacket covers your beltline well. And it rolls up really tight, enough to stuff in a small tank bag just in case the weather turns on you while you are out riding or you pick up a pretty passenger who might need to keep warmed up until you get her back to your place.


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