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Hey everyone,

I've recently been experiencing problems with idling on my streetfighter 1908. When I sit at a stoplight in neutral or sometimes when I role to a stop in neutral the bike will shut off at idle. I know that the 1098 engine is not that good at idle and many people have had the same problem. I was thinking it could be is vapor lock within the fuel line. The fuel line in sitting on top and touching the rear head of the engine. I was thinking when the bike is idling at stand still in neutral, the fuel lines will get too hot and it will create vapor bubbles within the fuel line and cause the bike to shut off when the vapor bubble reach the injectors. This could also explain why the bike struggles a lot to turn back on when it shuts off at idle. I would have to wait a few minutes for it to cool off and it starts back up with no problems.

Has anyone else experienced problems with this?
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