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I bought a pair of Vanson gloves (style 7R11) yesterday for about $75. They have armored knuckles, vented fingers, reinforced thumb tab, armored wrist guard, doubled layered palm and adjustable wrist and cuff straps. I used them for about 200 miles so far and they fit well, are comfortable, and I feel they are very protective. The gloves do not have rivets in the palm, but I don't care for them anyway. The extra padding on the palm feels better on the hands than other gloves. I have a pair of Held gloves with the rivetted palm, etc, but the Vanson gloves feel much better. I bought the Vanson gloves at Morton's BMW in Fredricksburg, Va. It looks like they are out of stock at Vanson.

See website below.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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