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I'm not sure about the shims being the same. But as far as the checking the clearances and adjusting they are easier than the the previous models. The 3rd edition of Lt Snyders book has the 'Stretta specific valve section in it. The biggest change is that you have to make your own timing marks on the cams as the factory ones don't line up. Also if you have to adjust some and remove the cams mark them and the holders so you don't switch them around. I also copied a holder to keep the closer rockers out of the way to get the shim stack apart. They come in handy as opposed to using safety wire. If you want I'll post up a pic but they are just 1/4" rod with enough of a bend to hook around the spark plug well and long enough to catch the back of the closer rockers. I have 19K on mine and the last valve adjust over the winter I only had to adjust three closers. It does both street and track duty. Good luck, Ken.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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