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V4S Multistrada - mystery socket

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G'day all.

Pulled my 'repair' kit out and saw this socket plug for the first time in 2years.......

Had to ask Whatsitfor?



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I have one of those on my Sprint. It's possible to charge your battery through that plug on the Triumph thus eliminating the need for a battery tender...is it the same for Ducatis?
Cheers DaveAu...I did a little more digging on the power socket I have and found this for my current Touring bike (the SPrint): The socket is called a Powerlet. Also known as BWM socket, Hella plug, Merit plug. It's more a Euro standard. it can be used in reverse on the Sprint to plug in a trickle charger.

My apologies for "crossing the streams" so to speak...I'll stay on Ducati topic from here on out and make sure I don't give out anymore bum advice.
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