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V4S Multistrada - mystery socket

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G'day all.

Pulled my 'repair' kit out and saw this socket plug for the first time in 2years.......

Had to ask Whatsitfor?



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Thanks djh, odd place for it as the 'tool kit' probably doesn't fit in with a din plug in place.

Cheers Rennsport, weird spot for it though. Some sort of afterthought or maybe Ducati just figured anyone using it would shift the puncture kit to a pannier.....

;):LOL::LOL::LOL:.....anyhoo, the things ya find when ya go lookin......(y)
;), I've found a use for it now......been busy fitting an additional led brake light and decided to use that din socket instead of battery terminals which are a bit busy with charger extension and driving lights harness. So my relay and excess wiring now occupy the "tool" kit void.......and the kit is in the top box :rolleyes:......

I should leave things alone :devilish:......but it filled in my day :LOL:......and I've got retina burning brake lights now (y)
Cheers Sam,

AUS Ducati's are sold with an Optimax charger and are fitted at pre-delivery with a tender extender harness.

I don't know of anyone using the din socket on the dash or the one I just found ( :rolleyes: ) under the rear seat pad for battery charging but none of my chargers have din plugs anyway.

The Optimax extender plug rests externally so is accessible in seconds, ready for charging, or as on a recent ride, for a mini pump tyre inflator power source (y).


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No probs Sam, always up for a chat. I never knew the accessory sockets could be used for trickle charging.......

Finished the project (install Shad extra led brake light) and tidied up all the bits.

It can get wet under the rear seat, especially if the pillion pad is in the forward position so I built a diversion using some adhesive rubber sealing strip from the hardware shop.

Decided to put the relay in a small plastic container so it will stay dry if ever it rains heavy enough to flood that area - I saw evidence of moisture inside my puncture repair kit....the paper instruction sheet had been wet.....

Maybe it doesn't rain in Ducati Land (also KTM have no clue about water proofing the rear seat storage area, but the Japs do :LOL: ). There's no drainage either....water just flows through to the battery basement. Must be ok, an engineer designed it, so it must be ok, right? The mystery socket must be waterproof too :unsure::LOL:. Hope it never fills that little tray - I'll be sure to strap a plastic bag over the rear seat and tail if there's no under cover parking at any motels/pubs ;).

Anyway, project completed, mystery socket now has a purpose.......;).



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