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Hi friends, a question for the brain trust.
I have a 250 narrow case project that I’ve undertaken. It has several mismatched motor parts, but I’m trying to pull it all together.
Can someone tell me the lengths of the shaft on the cam drive bevel gear, I’ve listed them below.

250 NC 0400.29.603 (162mm)
250 WC 0606.29.600 ?
350 WC 0608.29.600 ?
450 WC 0615.29.600 ?

I’m measuring from the underside of the bevel gear to the end of the shaft.
The one I have measures 162mm, I need one that’s 10-13mm longer. I think that will be the 250 WC version but I want to be sure. I’ve collected too many parts that weren’t quite correct, I’ve learned to ask first...

Thanks all
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