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I recently bought a Ducati Scrambler 803 that has been upgraded to Moto Corse Performance pulleys. I bought it with no belt covers on, but because of my current storage/commuting situation I'd like to replace them.

So I found a nice OEM belt cover on eBay... when it arrived it doesn't seem to fit quite right. It occurred to me that the MCP pulleys look like they are thicker(?) or more raised from flush with the belt than OEM pulleys. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any suggestions for belt covers with a little more room for the pulleys?

My current solution is to cut out pulley holes in the cover and add some Lexan windows somehow, though I'd rather avoid the hassle if anyone has a purchasable solution.

I think it looks great, but I worry about leaving the belts in direct sunlight all day...

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