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Copied & pasted from post on sister site: Ducatiforum.uk.

Pics to follow.

Ok update from the OP.

UHF success! The bikes UHF radio (I'll post pics later today) slips into the Kreiga 5L tank bag; easy access. Now the cable for the aerial is semi- permanently plumbed all the way through to the rear grab rail, neatly using the rear indicator cable hole under the rear end as the exit. From there it feeds up into the GME aerial.

The aerial base was mounted to an AltRider top box plate and was, I say was and you'll understand at the end of this endless post, was mounted with an 3 mm aluminum bracket (affixed to the AltRider) a mate fabricated (yes, pics later)...

Now the tricky bit is that the coax cable is "fixed" into the aerial base when you purchase the aerial, so when fitting, you have to start from the rear obviously and thread (the non aerial end obviously) it through the hole and weave it through the bike where it comes up under inside the right hand side of the nose, the up to the tank. 2.5mtrs of cable is the ticket. The aerial actually ships with 4.5mtrs as standard, so get the comms shop to chop it down.

The ICOM 41s UHF handheld is the one for the job here. 5 watt and dead easy to setup and use. The screw off stubby standard aerial is replaced with a small screw in adapter which has the threas on one end and the "bayonet" quarter twist bizzo on the other end (sorry, pics later folks). So now the cable that is near the tank has fitted the male bit that twists into the aerial.

1 second on and off, yet secure.

Stay with me here; no pun intended;-). Ah, so how do I transmit, hear etc. Glad you asked because this was the kicker when asking around from the get go. You could you a boom setup with the type of helmets that are pre-plumbed for this however I chose to stick with my old style Shoei....and the answer is....

Throat mike! Yep same as the Spec Ops guys use, well same principal anyway. IXCommunications in Singapore are your men.
Soft fabric loop that houses the curly clear earpiece and 2 throat transponders and goes right around your neck and is secured by a Velcro tab. Curly earpiece into the ear ( with a range of different ear hole plugs too).

Now, there's a port on the ICOM for when you want to fit the traditional hand held mic or....you buy the adaptor (IX Communications again) to suit the 41s and that adaptor screws into that port. Note: you will also need to specify what type of push to talk adaptor you want as it fits into the throat piece. Mine has both a big push to talk button AND the optional thumb / finger button that is mounted on the left mirror stalk with a bit of creative Velcro work and it comes with its own Velcro loop too.
too easy.

The cable for the push to talk on the bar is looped around the handle bar and the up under the bar where the risers are and skits happy as a clam under the front Kreiga bag strap. Perfect.
The cable for the throat mic/earpiece hangs off the throat mic and you connect it to its buddy already screwed into the UHF.

UHF in tank bag, snick on aerial, throat mic on and adjusted so its snug but not choking you, earpiece in, helmet on, connect your other two connections, UHF on.


Now, latest update after 1000ks! Perfect bike to car comms tested so far in varying environments up to about 5kms. If wearing a balaclava you must pull the opening down so your mouth is totally exposed otherwise it's like talking through a blanket.
The curly tube and earpiece is comfortable even under a balaclava and helmet AND no problems at all for spec wearers such as myself.
Sounds complicated getting all plugged in? Not at all, you'll get your technique down pat after 3 stops.
Remember to turn it off when refueling!!!!! Otherwise your are punching out some decent wattage near fuel and that is not a good combo!

Easy to use either push to talk buttons; either the big clown button the clips onto the the Kreiga or the handlebar mounted button.

...and the "was" mounted via 3mm alum' bracket to the AltRider? Riding at speed on the way down here to Phillip Island I received a last & frantic message from the wife, perfectly clear mind you; "pull over now you have a problem with your aerial!"

...and so it was...hanging off the back attached only by the cable. Alum' bracket fatigued and snapped off. No damage thankfully and aerial, cable and aerial mast all ok! Ark! Gaffer taped the aerial mount to the AltRider plate and pressed on.

Found a bloke here yesterday who fabbed me up a new bracket using the remains of the alum one and added additional bracing. Welding ain't pretty but industrial strength and poor old Alt' rack took the welding hit, as you'll see too, but it was always the sacrificial plate for this project anyway. No mean feat to weld up that bracket with the cable and aerial mast unable to be removed and not roast the cable! $100 South Pacific pesos. Result!

Ok, now let me post some pics to put all this in context for you all.
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