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Stoner is a great rider, without a doubt. In 2007, the year he won the championship on the Duc, wasn't the Duc acknowledged to have a power advantage over the other new 800s? Just thinking that the Duc may not have been as far behind then.
Bingo!!! It wasnt faster, it was WAY faster. Thats why it only won in 07 and after that the other manufactures realized the disadvantage and caught up, and the game ended. Not taking anything away from Stoner, in fact if the guy would of had a competitive bike from 07 on he would of probably kept on winning, just like he was/is doing on the Honda. As much as some people hate to admit it the ducati is just a huge POS. Some blame Rossi, some not, but as far as I see no one has been able to win/ride that bike after 2007. Even Stoner in 08 was struggling although he rode it better then Rossi or anyone else for that matter, but then again it was a completely different bike. I just dont see Ducati winnig again in a long time
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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