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Casey is absolutely mind blowing on a bike, hugely overlooked and blamed for a lot of shit which was way out of his control (angry rossi fans and a shite front ended ducati)

It's just a massive pisser that he's retiring IMO because unfortunately apart from a few truly deserving racers left on that Motogp grid a lot are there nowadays because the passport or face fits the 'target market'. Casey has only ever been there because he's the fastest man on the planet (bike related of course)

With a bit of luck he'll get bored and come back in 2014 but by the time that current Dorna tit has finished dumbing down everything I doubt they'll be much left to come back too. If that fooking twonk could figure out that by giving them all 5 litres of extra fuel they'd not need to blow millions developing such high end electronics then factory's can make their choice easier. Possibly even open up to two tyre manufacturers which would develop some competition there as well.

Oh well, there's always BSB to keep things real and I'm sure AMA is just as good for you guys,

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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