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Two Slipper clutch & DynoJet Questions

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What up!

We went to our first NorCal organized ducati owner's gourp trackday on Saturday. Two things new to my bike for this day were Surflex slipper and Power Commander III.

Slipper clutch is supposed to prevent rear wheel lock up. Still my wheel was locking up while breaking and downshifting hard before turns. Not all the time, only when I was hollin' ass. What I'm trying to figure out is whether my slipper is functioning right. Is it supposed to completly and at all times prevent lock up? Is so, it's not working right and what could be the problem? Maybe it was working and without it my lock up would have been a whole lot worse? I just bought the clutch and it's maybe a month old, along with plates and the whole assembly that it came with. Anyone out there intimate with slipper clutches, namely Surflex (I got that one over others coz I heard it was the best one on the market)

DynoJet - Anyone out there with a '99 996 engine with a Nichol's flywheel and a termi 45/50 half system (or anywhere close to that config) that would be willing to share the custom map ??? Otherwise I have to get it on a dyna.

Thanks to anyone who trys to help me figure this out, or can point me in the right direction.
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suflex is a very good clutch, I have one on my 999s, you still have to "blurp" the throttle to get your rpm's up, especially with a nickols flywheel, you should get into a habit of pulling in the clutch and when downshifting and give it a little gas at the same time, if you don't know what i mean, watch a motorcycle race. If you can't find a map make sure to find a power commander tuning center for best results with oxygen sensors and ram air tubes. If you have any questions just ask
The Surflex slipper on my 749 didn't completely eliminate rear lock-up under the hauling-ass trying to jam all the down shifts together scenario. I'm not much of a blipper while down shifting, another trick to try is spacing the down shifts out a little further and later in the braking. The STM on my Aprilia does seem a little smooth but it's a wet clutch also.
You might want to check that the thickness of the clutch pack is correct.
If it's to thick the slipper will have a problem pushing the discs appart.
You may need to match your RPMs more. You can swap out the thick plates for thinner ones if you want it to slip more...but mine slipped more after the 2nd /3rd time out.
Cool cool. Thanks everyone!

I am extremly happy with the feel of the clutch. Combined with Brembo GP master and oversized slave cylinder this thing rocks. I can shift with my little finger.

The clutch came assembelled from Surflex with plates and everything (and thanks to motowheels.com for the hook up) so I think the plates are the "right" size to start with. Couple of other things you pointed out:

This was the first time on the track with this clutch and on the street I never haul ass. Maybe it will slip more the next few track days.
I didn't "blurp" or "blip" at all. Obviously I have to work on that. I was concentrating on breaking for dear life (not RPMs) before the first pinner at the Fernley track. What an awesome track btw! It was something I used to do with the standard clutch and then I though "shit I got a slipper - just shift and let go." It makes sense that my RPMs would rapidly drop with a flywheel as light as Nichols'.

I have one other question re the clutch - what kind of input, if any, should I hear/feel when the slipping occurs? I heard some clutches "click" when they slip. I don't think I heard of felt anything out of ordinary with the Surflex.

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You still have to match the RPM...the slipper does not do everything for you. It just takes the edge off of it.

The Surflex does its job quietly. You will need get any feedback to the lever like all the other ball bearing ramp type slipper.
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