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two firsts!

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a review of the base model!

also,, I am probably the first ass to drop their bike. It was in a sloped parking lot and I was taking off slowly and it died,, it threw me off balance and and I tried to put my foot down.. on the down hill side (dumb me) but when I realized I didn't have the reach I quickly jumped off the bike and managed to set it down slowly (I was way off balance so this was an act of desperation)
anyway I managed to almost slow the bike's momentum by the time it was on it's side and gently set it on it's frame slider (glad I got those!).. picked it up immediately and was on my way.. all I got was a small mark on the slider, a sand scratch on the brake lever, and a very small mark on the stainless metal of the lower exhaust can.
I was so lucky but I sure was panicked for a second.. you all be careful!
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Doh! Glad to here there was minimal damage
Hate to tell you but you are not even close to the first.
One of the dealers here in town had both of the first two that they sold crashed within 100 miles one went 7 miles and was totaled!
Another dealer told me that their second bike already came in after being dropped hard... :rolleyes:

Great review by mcn, thanks for posting!
Yup, my local dealer's demo bike was out of commission after someone unused to high-spec Brembos locked the front. And another demo bike got a cracked belly pan when someone hit a speedbump pretty hard.

But I feel your pain - dropping bikes is awful. No stories to tell and you feel like an ass.
well it's good to know I wasn't the first.. and man,, that sucks for the dealers and people having to deal with those wrecked bikes.
Glad you and the bike escaped relatively unscathed. I'm not crazy about the sliders on a naked bike but I've had a couple of driveway drops in my past so I always put them on. This time I went with Speedymoto.

Thanks for the post for us non-S guys.

a review of the base model!
Obviously MCN tested a factory ringer, not one sold to the public with the fuel mapping issues...:rolleyes:
Obviously MCN tested a factory ringer, not one sold to the public with the fuel mapping issures...:rolleyes:
I am wondering about the fuel mapping issues...I just picked my bike up yesterday and I have no holes in my RPM range whatsoever. None, zip, nada. In fact compared to my Monster 1100 it is much smoother and more linear. I wonder if it's a US bike thing because of emissions?
Awesome, Thanks for sharing this great vid from MCN. Sounds like they really like the Streetfighter. Sorry to hear about your bike going down.
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