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Turn signal mirrors

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Anybody have these on there ride......I'm thinking about purchasing them and having them painted to match the matrix green. Just looking for any opinions out there on the looks of these.


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I have a set on my 748. I bought it from a Speedzilla member who was looking to sell it. Here's my opinion:

Look and Feel
In my opinion, the mirrors are nicely made. It has some weight to it compared to the stock mirrors (IIRC). If you are looking for a mirror that gives a better view of what's behind, these mirrors are not going to do anything to address that. I do believe there is more mirror surface area than the stockers though, but I still feel that mostly what I see in my mirrors are my elbows.

Addressing how to wire the signal could be easy or hard, depending upon whether you want it hidden or not. I wanted to hide my wiring, so I drilled a small hole in my fairing and upper fairing bracket so that the wiring would not be seen. I've seen pictures of people not drilling a hole and routing their wiring around the fairinig. Tapping into the stock wiring after that is straight forward.

The only issue I have with the mirrors is that the mirror posts are about 3 mm too long. What this means is that when I snap the mirrors into the upper fairing bracket, the mirror is not seated and rocks back and forth. I sent an e-mail to the manufacturer (Cyccon) of the mirrors and they felt that the difference in mirror post height was acceptable. So I ended up double-stacking the rubber gaskets (the ones that go in between the mirror and fairing) to take up the slack and that seemed to have solved the issue. In fact, the manufacturer (Cyccon) suggested that I create something that would take up the 3 mm difference. Now, I'm not sure if my case is isolated or not because when the original group buy came out, no one else expressed having this issue, so I guess I could consider myself "special" :)

Hope this helps with your decision.
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