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It worked

Go to Autozone or pep Boys and get a Trideant EL 12 variable load flasher. It is a 2 prong flasher. The stock flasher has 3 wires. The black wire is ground and is not needed with the EL 12. Just plug the 2 other wires (do not remember color) into the EL 12 and you are set. The flasher is located on the right in the front fairing; you can get to it without removing the fairing from underneath. The nice advantage to the EL 12 is that you can go with after market LED and it will flash at a normal rate :D without using load equalizers in your circuit.

The EL 12 works for all bikes with aftermarket directionals to maintain normal blinking rate and cost around $8.00 !!!!;)


Big thanks, Phil!
This is a great local solution for replacing the Guilera flasher relay. I wish I had known this years ago. It was more difficult to install than a square unit, but still able to get at it if you "hold your tongue just right".

Updated Info: Tridon EL12 is now about $12 at AutoZone. Not able to find at O'Rielley's, Pep Boys, or Advanced in my neighborhood.
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