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I just replaced the stock mufflers on my 2002 900SSie with high mount carbon fiber pieces from Sil Moto.

I've made similar changes on my other fuel injected, non Ducati bikes and never had any performance change as long as the intake side remained stock, which it is. It seems the other fuel injection system's ECM (Delphi) may have had enough flexibility to accomodate a muffler change.

I've noticed the Ducati now seemed to idle just slightly more irregularly and the performance feels slightly weaker. I pulled the plugs and they do seem to indicate a slightly lean condition.

I don't really want to modify the bike from stock other than the mufflers. What's the best/least invasive way to fatten up the fuel/air mixture ? Can the stock ECM be flashed to change the fuel mapping ?

Thanks for any advice, hopefully based upon experience

Best regards

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