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Hi everyone , went for a fantastic ride today in sunny Alberta , Canada , just outside of Calgary through the foothills on some great roads ( sorry I forgot my camera ).

Saw a beautiful 2014 1199r Panigale and a 2018 1260 Diavel with full Terminogli , I talked to both owners at a Motorrad garage/bike get together place in Black Diamond , a small town outside of Calgary , was amazed at how tiny the Panigale was , literally the size of a 600cc , both guys love their Ducati's.

Had adjusted my Tuneboy QS to top slider kill time at 65% , bottom 2 sliders blip pressure and kill pressure at 30% , I still use the 4.1 version of Tuneboy as I like the no flash on dash on QS activation , this seems to be a nice sweet spot.
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