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There is a thread in the Supersport section discussing triple clamp offsets which got me to thinking....

Is there a table or other source that shows all the different Ducati motorcycles and the offsets of their triple clamps?

The reason I ask this is that I've got a 1988 Paso 750 project that I have been thinking about swapping the front end, but I want to know the different triple clamp offsets for any potential front end swaps. I've also thought about changing the forks on my wife's '01 M900ie and was informed that I can't simply swap the upper triple of that bike with one from an ST because of the offset difference. This M900ie and ST swap was an idea that I had because the '01 S4 and ST use the same triple from what I can tell, but apparently the S4 and ST use a similar frame, whereas the '01 M900ie uses the earlier Monster frame. Even though the '01 M900 and '01 S4 are both Monsters from the same year, it seems they are drasticly different in more ways than just the engine and rear suspension, so...

Is there a list or table showing the different triple clamp offsets between years and models of Ducati motorcycles in existance?
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