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after a sequence of recent life changing events - i have a new found interest in sharing the gift of experience and knowledge....sooooooo

For those of you in Queensland, Australia..here are my trackday settings

06 999S
tyres: metzeler K2
front sag:35mm
rear sag: 30mm
front rebound: 5 clicks
rear rebound: 11 clicks
front comp: 5 clicks
rear comp: 12 clicks
tyre pressure: front 29 / rear 28 depending on temp
forks: dropped to 4 rings
ride height: 185mm
sprockets: 16/41
triple clamp: speedy moto (not offset)
steering head: road setting

level: yellow group (fast group)
Times: high 1.07s
weight: 185kg
height: 182cm

Lakeside raceway

hope this helps someone

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I should be there, last day out for the year I reckon

Ha! Just realized I wrote 185kg weight...whoa! Not sure the bike would enjoy that many pies onboard - should be 85kg
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1 question . Are those settings from full out , or full in ?

front rebound: 5 clicks (5 clicks in from full out) or (5 clicks out from full in)
In any case, thanks for sharing you info. Nice job on the paint scheme on the bike as well ! I have never seen bodywork that splits the winglet's ......yet, now I have, and I thank you for that as well.

I was/am just prepping my bodywork for next year's track days and was considering black as well , but being Canadian and the fact that I picked up a red spare tank much cheaper than a black tank , I ended up with this. Not quite done yet(need pin striping, windscreen,and a little more black paint where the fairings attach to the frame like the original R has , I'm quite happy with the way it turned out........EH!

Now I have a Kiwi bike and a Kanuck bike.


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