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Yes, If you dont know I work for A&S BMW/ Ducati. Also am a member of the local BMW Club also on the board of Directors of the River City Beemers .
This track day would be excellent for a new Ducati owner or one with no or little track skills and wants to improve.

We sponsor a Rider Improvement day on Sunday Sept 20th.

we have a A B C classes with a lot of focus on the C Class which will include 1st time riders and track attendees.
We are opening this up t o Ducati this year too. Kinda of a Euro Trash Day.
Also a factory rider will be there to show off the New BMW S1000RR. No rides but will get to see it in action.

This is very excellent track if you never been on a track before....If your a hard core track rat this may not be for you.
Our B and A groups are challenging .
C group instruction is some of the best I ever seen and is our main focus.

You can go up on Sept 19th around 5;30 we do a track walk around talking about ever turn, and proper lines. Then cap that off with pizza and beer,
We have the privilege to to camp over night which most do. Or you can get a reasonable room in Willows.
Early AM the next morning we have Coffee muffins and bananas etc. sign in and on the track by 9:00.
We spit the track in two in the morning which we alternate. "C" on one side "B" and "A" groups on the other.

We stop at 1:00-2:00 for a catered lunch, (everything included in cost).

Then there is open track for you until you get your fill or it gets dark.
Here is a link to learn more http://www.rcb.org/thunderhill/index.html
Just tell them your a friend of Joe Meyers they will understand.

We have a very good safety record, so if your a AFM rider this might not be the gig for you...not that your unsafe but you just probably scare the Be-Jesus out of some.

Cheers Hope to see and meet some from this site.

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