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Gotcha. There is a quick instruction set in the international section on ducatidiag:

ducatidiag :: Connexion

If you follow any of the links, you may have to translate the pages to english. I use Chrome for that and works great. Here are the instructions from the above link, hope it helps:

Driver Download: works for XP, VISTA and Win7


Once you've downloaded DD you'll need to unzip it to whatever folder you want (I didn't need any special program, Vista managed it). From what I recall there was a few steps and being in French I didn't understand everything it was proposing however I believe the 1st screen ask you to close all running apps, the 2nd screen asks you where you want to install DD. There's also is a donation request, a note here, once ducatidag is opened you'll also find there's a button facility to initiate a donation, it's permanently in the program so you can do it at any time. I think I went in circles a bit but generally I stayed away from the quitter or something similarly named and the Oui is of course "yes" so click it.

As you launch dicatidiag you will be presented with a screen displaying 3 picture options of your cable setup. Choose which one corresponds with yours when the time comes.

There's discussion of this forum due to concerns that some Alpha cables may be sleeved incorrectly i.e. that the positive lead is sleeved black and the negative red. I can confirm the lead I purchased is operating safely.

To be safe check yours before you connect to anything at all by doing a resistance check with a multimeter:

You'll see at the linked page below a picture identifying the operating pins on the OBD cable. The pin you need to check is #16, it is positive power so set your mm to ohms and connect one probe to pin 16 and the other to the red alligator clip. Now since the pinout image on that page is of the OBD cable you need to translate that to the female recepticle of your Fiat cable. I simply inserted a largish sewing needle into the corresponding female pin hole and connected the mm probe to it to check continuity. Check your negative while you're there too if you like, it's pin #5. Pin #7 is the K line which you needn't concern yourself with.

Pinout Picture and Ducatidiag instructions at Desmodromico:

That's your polarity check sorted. DO THIS BEFORE YOU CONNECT UP TO ANYTHING !!!

At this point you should have installed the correct driver and ducatidiag.

Before launching Ducatidiag I connected my cables up -

1. Join the OBD and Fiat cables together and plug them into the usb of your computer.
2. Check in Device Manager under Ports which COM port the cables are using. I've seen here where people suggest using some number 10 or below but I'm using Vista and it came up as 12 and seems to be fine. You will need to know the port number in case it needs correcting in DD. DO THIS BEFORE CONNECTING TO YOUR ECU. If you select the device listed under ports and right click, go to properties and in the drivers tab you can check to make sure it's operating with the right driver which should be FTDI.
3. Connect red alligator to pos battery and black to either neg battery or a good earth on your bike.
4. At this stage a little blue LED came on in the OBD cable. I don't know if all manufacturers had this facility.
5. Launch DD and select your cables.
6. Once the program interface opens you'll see a connect button alongside a field into which you'll need to enter what COM port you're using.
7. Check the ini field setting - IAW59M use 'slow ini' IAW5AM use 'fast ini'
8. At this stage you can do another test on your cables. Set your mm to 20v and do as ? (sorry lost post page don't recall author) recommends i.e.-

Click Cable Test -
Connect the +ve and -ve fly leads to a 12v power supply e.g. your bike battery but do not connect the diagnostic plug. Set your mutimeter to 20v and connect the +ve lead on the meter to the single outer pin in the Fiat Adaptor. It should look like this - | - -. Connect the -ve lead from the meter to the middle pin or the -ve terminal on the power supply.
Click on the connect button and the KLine 12v and KLine 0v tabs should become selectable
Your meter will read in excess of 12v straight away. If you have the correct com port you will be able to click on the KLine 0v and the voltage on your meter will drop to 0.3v. Click on the KLine 12v and the meter will read over 12v.
If you don't get this behaviour then the KLine is not working so check your setting (probably Com Port)

9. Now if everything to this point is in order go ahead and connect your Alfa lead up to your ECU.
10. Click the connect button which is near the port # field and you will see on the screen "connecting", I waited a little while then turned the ignition key on and like magic on the left hand side in DD you'll see the basic ECU data.
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