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Touring recomendations?

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I fixed my 06' 800ss and started riding it again... I woodcraft clipons with spider grips and they make a my wrist hurt and I really want to ride this bike cross states. I know changing the seat is in on the TODO list as well as the 30mm slave clutch cylinder.

Any suggestions for improving the commuting/touring comfort level? Any experiences on touring on this bike or similar 99+ ss?

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angle on the ferraci mounts

Probably the biggest comfort improvement you can make is to change out the clip-on mountings for something 1), higher and 2), with a more relaxed angle for the bars. Mine are from Fast by Ferraci.

Second, change the windshield for a design that moves the air higher, at mid-helmet height or better. I have a Zero Gravity and it made a big improvement, especially over 80 MPH.

Third, and this is very rider-specific, try a different seat. Some feel the Sargent or Corbin seats are great, but I'm fine with the stock seat.
i have a 99 900ss, how much difference in the bar angle from stock to the ferrachi mounts. i am short and the agressive angle gets me after a few hours.
i have a corbin seat very comfy no complaints there
also i havent found any replacement screens anywhere
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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