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Touring recomendations?

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I fixed my 06' 800ss and started riding it again... I woodcraft clipons with spider grips and they make a my wrist hurt and I really want to ride this bike cross states. I know changing the seat is in on the TODO list as well as the 30mm slave clutch cylinder.

Any suggestions for improving the commuting/touring comfort level? Any experiences on touring on this bike or similar 99+ ss?

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I've heard the crampbuster is the best $10-ish dollars you'll ever spend on your bike.

Only downfall i've heard of is you have to get used to where its at on your throttle so you're not accidently hitting it and accelerating when you don't intend to.

I have Kyle USA clip on's, can't say I noticed a monster difference in riding comfort, it's fait to say it helped though. With the angle thats on the bars you can slightly adjust to your preference, with me only being 5"7, I angled mine back and slightly up.

Haven't tried a seat cause i don't see much benefit, nor does the price for one seem worth while. My ass just took a month or so to used to the stock one and now it's pretty rare to get so uncomfortable where i begin looking at a $300 option to make it better.
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