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Okay, so here is what I did,

-I purchased a set of heli-bars for a forum member here. HUGE difference. I know cyclecats was more adjustable, but the helis were fine.

-Got the sargent seat, another great upgrade.

-then I just recently added lowered pegs from ducati designs(email paul, they arent on the page, but he has them in stock). The also have made my legs a "tad" less cramped. 1 inch drop, 1/2 back. (they are 360 degrees adjustable).

-crampbuster for the throttle hand

all 4 of these improvements equal less than 2 hours of work to install. I just got back from grand canyon (before the peg install) 1600 miles.

I didnt do the screen cause the wind hits me in the right place, right in the mid chest. Hold me up, takes pressure off the arms.

I am 6'1'' and these mods have made a HUGE difference.

My Duc is a 2000 SSie. similar to your duc in ergos, good luck.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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