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Touring recomendations?

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I fixed my 06' 800ss and started riding it again... I woodcraft clipons with spider grips and they make a my wrist hurt and I really want to ride this bike cross states. I know changing the seat is in on the TODO list as well as the 30mm slave clutch cylinder.

Any suggestions for improving the commuting/touring comfort level? Any experiences on touring on this bike or similar 99+ ss?

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For what it's worth: I use Speedymoto clipons; not higher but an easier adjustable angle to the wrist was what cured my wrist pains.

Together with rotating my clutch lever to a more downwards position (biggest load on the wrist during breaking; operating the clutch for downshifting was what really triggered pain in my wrist as my lever made quite an angle with my fore arm. Rotating the clutch lever downwards solved that). I hope you understand my explanation.....

Good luck.
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