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Touring AZ in Cottonwood

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A word to the wise regarding the upcoming and present tour season.

I was in a town between Sedona and Jerome AZ. Many traffic circles are used on the newer highways.

I entered one and began to 'power' out of it to my exit of the circle. I felt the rear jump and slide as did my heart a millisecond afterward. I believe the rear tire came across some lane dividing paint and some oil. Not a biggie as I was doing 15mph, but would've be so had the rear totally washed out.

Point of my "Story" is to be aware of those areas where oil can accumulate and ruin your day. Not likely on a long and twisty road of 150 miles, but more so on a traffic circle or powering out of a right hand turn from a traffic light. Quite embarrassing and very expensive.

Thought I'd pass it on as it did surprise me.

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You should throw a mention in about the terrible drivers in AZ too.... I am pretty sure they are nearly as dangerous to us motorcyclist.
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