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Hello all,

As a way to celebrate my finality of movement to the high desert of Taos N.M. I am planning on a 4 day / 3 night (or) 5 day / 4 night road trip (depends on how it goes) of the New Mexico mountains and twisties in early / mid Sept before the snows begin.

The few times I have been through my new home-state I have been absolutely inspired to go places few have gone before.... (Namely...me)

I am planning on numerous stops to explore Native American heritage and topography.

During my search for land I have happened upon some seriously inspiring and remote roads which are perfectly suited to riding on any sort of machine.

Here is my plan - anybody wish to tag-along and explore let's do it!

Day 1

Taos to:

Abiquiu - Home / museum of the inspiring painter Georgia O`Keefe via NM567 to NM111 to NM554 to:

Cuba via NM84 / 96 to:

Torreon via NM197 to:

Whitehorse via NM57 to:

Ambrosia Lake via NM509 to:

Grants via San Mateo mountain twisties via NM605 / 334 / 547

Mileage this day = 270 miles

Overnight in Grants then to:

Day 2

Grants to Thoreau via I40 to:

Mount Sedgewick via NM612 to:

El Morro National Monument via NM612 / 53 to:

Ramah via NM 53 to:

Fence Lake via NM36 - (WAYYY out-there) to:

Quemado via NM36 to:

Apache creek via NM32 to:

Datil via NM12 to:

Pie Town via US60 for PIE! And Sleeping quarters - Overnight and explore area - Saw tooth mts nearby - really cool!

Total mileage this day = 303 miles

Day 3

Back to Datil via US60 to:

Very Large Array via US60 (about 30 min out fo Datil) - Explore (Get my nerd-on) then to:

Valley of Fire via US380 - Major ancient lava flow - Interesting flora and wild life - Explore then to:

Carrizozo via US380 to:

Ruidoso (Over night - maybe? Ruidoso and area pretty cool place -explore) via NM37 / 48 to:

Total Mileage this day = 189 miles


Ruidoso to Capitan via NM48 / 220 / US380 to:

Billy the kid Hideout via NM246 to:

Roswell - Overnight - get my nerd-on again (ALIENS!!!).......Incredible camping and swimming in Blue Lake at Bottomless Lakes State Park East of Roswell

Total mileage this day = 101 miles

Day 4

Roswell to Clovis via the BADLANDS US70 to:

Tucumcari via NM209 for lunch at Del's (AWESOME eats) to:

Conchas Lake via NM104 (gas-up) to:

Trementina via NM104 to:

Las Vegas via NM104 to:

Overnight in Las Vegas

Total mileage this day = 304 miles

Day 5

Las Vegas to Guadalupita via NM434 to: (From Tucumcari to here is incredible ride - been several times so far)

Angel Fire via NM434 (Short section under construction - pavement ripped up to replace but very passable - slowly, this was a year ago tho) to:

Eagle Nest via US64 to:

Red River via NM38 to:

Questa via NM38 to:

Home point Taos for after road trip relaxation / spa / dinner party / heavy embollishments / overnight for those!!!

Total mileage this day = 131 miles

Total miles = 1298 over 5 days............

I am copying this over to my peeps on the 900SS page as well.......All bikers welcome, spread the word!
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