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Danger Wil Robinson!!

OK, well maybe not "danger" - but be cautious. Depending on WHICH silver metallic your bike is, ColorRite may not be able to find it - not that they mght not have a matching color, but they may not have a cross reference, and/or the one they have on the website may be incorrect.

I just went through this with my '04 ST3, which is what Ducati calls "Ducati Light Silver Metallic" - however, the color that ColorRite ships out for that color when you use the online search tool is a VERY different color than the factory color.

Upon writing to ColorRite about this, they asked me for the Ducati part number of the paint. I supplied that. They then wrote back and actually told me that I'd be better off getting the paint matched locally since they had several "Ducati Silver Metallic" colors in their system, but didn't have a good idea of which ones matched what bikes.

I'm not sure if that means that they haven't gotten good information from Ducati or have a hard time keeping data organized in their own systems. From what I've heard, the "standard" Ducati red and Ducati yellow are a spot-on match every time. I guess the silver colors are a littel different from year to year??

Anyway, just wanted to voice my experiece on this one.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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