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i have a silver '05 ST3; recently ordered the colorrite pen from fast by ferraci's website; the silver was slightly darker than the fairing; this could've been due to limitations of using a pen that's basically a small paint brush.

So, I went to a local autozone and tried to estimate which of their 7+ different shades of silver might be the closest. I went with "Dupli-color Import Auto Spray Subeam silver (M) E8801104". about 2/3 of my upper left fairing was scratched just through the surface coating of paint, and there were a few places that went deeper. I realized that spot spray painting was not going to cut it, as the blend wasn't good enough. so i taped off the decal, sanded the gloss cover off of the majority of the upper fairing w/ 800 grit auto sand paper, and put on about 7 light coats of the spray, waiting sufficiently in between each. It came out much better than expected; at the least, it will serve as a really good temporary fix while I contemplate an entire new paint job. the surface scratches are completely unnoticeable; the next step will be to find a quality gloss protectant coating product, which should make the blend a bit better.

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