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Do you enjoy twisties? Do you ride for miles to hit the twisties but they only last a mile or two? Sucks don't it?

Let me introduce you to TOR (taste of racing).
During WMRRA race weekends they provide TOR, which is the lunchtime track ride. No tapeing up lights or removing mirrors. You get to go play on the track for 20 minutes with no cops or cagers around. That's 20 minutes of riding twisties. Sounds fun doesn't it. So when do you get to play? How about this weekend, sat & sun the 23 & 24.

Requirements: a safe well maintained bike with good tires and brakes.
Complete riding gear leather or textile. That helmet jacket pants gloves and boots and a desire to have fun.

Cost: $8 to enter the track to watch the races and $20 to do TOR

Where: Pacific Raceway in Kent on the 23 & 24
Time: TOR starts at 12 so please be there to sign up by 10
Practice & races start at 9 and end by 5 so come out for the day and enjoy.

I'll be there on Sunday. Anyone that wants to ride up there with me I'll meet you at 9 on Sunday at the Jack in the Box of hwy 512 & Canyon rd.

So come on out and have fun. I'm planning on staying for the full day to enjoy watching the races
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