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My name is Chris Mahalick, and I live in Wayne, PA, just outside of Philadelphia.

I have wanted a Ducati for the past ten years and finally had enough cash on hand to buy a 1994 900 SS/SP last week. I felt I did everything right by having the bike checked out by a reputable shop. So the bike ran fine for the first three or four hours. Then it died, No fuel. Darn.

So my first project will be checking the tank, as the pump is running, but no fuel to be seen. Bummer. But I'll get it done.

My other hobby is my 1984 Porsche 911 Targa, which currently has the engine removed so I can attack all of the various oil leaks. Hey, I am far from rich, but I do most of my mechanical work myself, so it doesn't cost that much money.

So thanks for having me here on the board. I look forward to making some new friends and learning how to wrench on my new toy as well.

Have a great Saturday everyone, and ride safely.

Chris Mahalick
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