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Tire Question for MH900e owners / riders

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I have replaced the Michelin Pilot Sport at the rear by the same size (170/60-ZR17) Pilot Road, early last year. The time has now come to replace front tire.
Turns out, the Pilot Road is not available in 120/65-ZR17. However, both owners- and service-manual list the size 120/70-ZR17 as an alternative. Pilot Road is indeed available in this size.

My question:

Has anyone of you experience with the combination 170/60-ZR17 (rear) and 120/70-ZR17 (front). Will there be any noticeable differences in handling?

My dilemma:

Should I get the Pilot Road 120/70-ZR17 to match my Pilot Road 170/60-ZR17, or should I get the Pilot Power 120/65-ZR17 instead? (I was told that Pilot Road and Power can be mixed & matched ..... true or not, I don't know).

Thanks for your advice,

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I think the size difference will be negligible. 120 means 120 mm or 4.75" wide. The number /65 means the tire is 65 percent as tall as it is wide, and obviously /70 means 70 percent as tall as wide. As far as which tire to get, it's your call. The Pilot Road will give you more mileage and the Power will stick better. No problem mixing the two. If it was me, I'd buy a new set of Pilot Powers and have fun wearing them out.


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There was a slight difference in the front tire sizes between the 748 and the 998 that I used to own. I can't remember the exact size difference but the 998 had a slightly taller aspect ratio. The 748 was a handful for me. The 998 was a dream. So maybe a slightly taller tire will be beneficial.
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