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Timing off?

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Last night I was leaving the store and it felt like my brake was stuck on. I pulled over and checked everything but found nothing stuck. I was two blocks from home so I headed home. As I shifted, I noticed that it coasted just fine with the clutch in, so I knew it was not not the brakes. It's like half of the engine is engine breaking and the other half is under power. Running on one cylinder? I poked around on here and some other sites and from what I 've gathered it could be a slipped timing belt, bent valves or both. So I pulled it apart today and found what I think is TDC compression, but my cam pulleys don't line up with the timing marks on the vertical cylinder (Picture). They line up perfectly on the horizontal cylinder. Can anybody help me?


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check the crank end pulley woodruff key. The cam pulley cannot shift unless the crank pulley does too [it would have to jump teeth on the belt]

double check that all your timing marks are aligned [crank and cam]

I've never known of a woodruff key failing, but I'm still learning....
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