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I’ve been reading all the post on ThunderDuc 2.0 it has been a great and sad story.
When I say sad I mean sad to see it leave
Chris Gorel stable. To tell you the truth I did not know much about this beautiful machine.
I received a phone call from a friend, he informed me that one of his acquaintance just purchased a SC and I had to take a look at it before the new owner picked it up. I drove down to my friends house to take a look at the Ducati. When I first saw it, I was mesmerized by its beauty of the machine. When my friend pulled it out of the garage and the sunlight glisten off the Zard exhaust it was amazing. He then ask if I would like to hear it run, when he turned it over, it was a sound of thunder, the sound of the clanking of the dry clutch was like no other. I new then, at that moment this Ducati was special. My friend informed me he had the majority of receipts and notes from the build when it was built by Chris Gorel. I was amazed that those survived all this time after being past along to the new owners. After leaving my friend house I could not stop thinking about what I just experienced. I was up the majority of the night researching ThundeDuc 2.0 by the next morning I new I had to have this piece of historic history. I was certain if ThunderDuc 2.0 went to the new owner ThunderDuc 2.0 would be lost forever. After long negotiations I am now the proud owner of ThunderDuc 2.0. I am looking to restore it to it original glory, there is some paint damage and all of the stickers are off. Maybe some fairing issues.
the modification to make it street legal are professionally done and look good, I may leave it that way. So if anyone has any knowledge of the original build any advisement would be appreciated.
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