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Thanks for the input. I may be in over my head on this, I'm great with carbs but I don't really understand motorcycle fuel injection. I'm not sure what closing the bleeds means or what that even does lol - time to dive in and learn.

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here, I'll try to describe what's happening: I bought the bike in July 2019 with 4980 miles on it, the only service history was a note in the owners manual about an oil change done at 3000 miles back in 2006, and I had the dealer mount and balance two new Michelin tires as it still had the originals from 2003 on it. I rode the bike about an hour to get it home and it felt great. If it vibrated when I first got it I didn't feel it, but I may have just been too excited to notice! Sometime after changing the oil and filling the tank for the first time I noticed a vibration that seems to come and go and vary in intensity every few seconds when maintaining a steady speed between 50-60 mph in 3rd gear though I cannot replicate it in a different gear at the same RPM range which is approx 3k - 4k. That is why I suspected chassis at first and not engine, but it does seem to go away when pulling in the clutch.

So far I've changed the chain and sprockets thinking the original may have had some tight links from sitting (plus I wanted to lower the gearing), static balanced the tires to double check them (the front was perfect, the rear was close). Checked the rear engine mount (it's tight), changed front and rear wheel bearings (should have just left them alone). Oh and I changed the cam belts to be safe but the vibration was there before that. The bike now has about 6200 miles on it and the vibration doesn't seem like it changed over time but maybe seems like it does it less after I ride the bike hard so I try that as often as possible haha!

Is there anything else I should be looking at? I'm kind of thinking the synch needs to be done anyway just based on the age of the bike but I don't want to touch it if it doesn't need it.
I reset the TPS manually with a multimeter and also do the TB balance at least once a season.Both items are hugely rewarding if you get it right.The TPS takes a sensitive touch doing it manually.When I start to get finger tingles and numbness on a ride I know its time to reset the TPS and balance the TBs.
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