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I am working on a rough running 916. The symptoms are under slight throttle at less the 4000 RPMs and at idle it will make a "pssst" coming from right under the tank followed by a misfire and RPM drop. The bike was being parted out so I had to get a new computer and FIM chip so I am thinking its a fuel injection adjustment issue.

I have read a lot about the TPS adjustment, TB sync, Air By-Pass adjustment to 1100 RPMs, and CO adjustment. I was wondering what Throttle Body sync tool, manometer, are people using? I have heard of the Twin Max, Carb Tune, old school mercury gauge. or the homemade from tubing and ATF or Stabil fluid.

I gave the homemade method a try with a Triumph I have and didn't have much sucess because the fluid I was using, Stabil, would just slosh around even with 11ft of tubing.

Also I believe the port for testing port is on the right hand side of the bike behind a plug, so I am guessing you need to screw in an adapter to hook the tube up to. Is that something readily available at a hardware store or is that a custom order item?

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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