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My FE is super cold blooded. I need a throttle lock so it will idle until warmed up. What's the ticket? Throttle Meister?
doc :) :)

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I'm at 7200 MSL and the choke works initially, but then it runs prettty rough and wants to quit. I need to choke to get it going, then slowly remove choke to the first bump stop, and apply very slight throttle to keep it going until warmed. This process has taken about 15 mins at 40F. I probably also need to look into new jetting. Bike came from MI.


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Ride it

Not good to just let it sit and warm up - get it moving. I start riding my FE within a couple minutes of starting it, even is 30 degree weather. I just take it easy until the temp gauge starts moving.

It's not the best thing to just let it sit and run.

The FE is very cold blooded - I can ride mine for about 25 minutes in 40 degree weather before it's gets to max temp.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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