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Greetings from Seattle,

I am an experienced rider and I am very excited about picking up my new 2012 Multistrada Toruing today. My first bike was a 125cc Ducati Bronco I got in 1964 so should you ask me how long I've been riding, I have to admit it's been 48 years. It seems impossible, but it's been a life long interest. Riding has stuck with me all these years. I do ride much more sedately these days but I still like a lurid wheelie from time to time!

This is my first Ducati since the Bronco, although I have enjoyed my wife's Monster in the past. I have had 20 bikes of all kinds, lately BMWs and Aprilias but I am really excited about the MS1200. Ducati built one for me!

See you on the road and on the forum.

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