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Thinking of selling my 98 916 Mono//whats it worth

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I thought i would ask you guys what you think my bike is worth. It is a 98 916 Mono with 4100 miles. Its red with a white tail. It has termi slip-ons, chip, carbon front fender, kevlar lines, other minor bits. It has never been down and the only thing wrong with it is the neutral light does not work. I had the bike serviced about 2 years ago and had the belts changed and everything checked out great. Since then i have put 500 miles on the bike. That is the reason im thinking of selling it.

I have checked kbb and the price is around 8.2k but nada is 6.5k.

Im not sure why there is such a difference, but i thought I might ask you guys what you think you would ask for it.

And if anyone is interested, let me know. Oh yea, the bike is located in Northern Virgina (loudoun county)


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KBB tends to be a little inflated as far as motorcycles go. It goes without saying, but it really depends on what it's worth to you. You can price it based on the current market, but that may be too low for you. Ducatis still hold their value very well compared to the Japanese bikes but don't hold their value quite as well as they did in the past. I'd say somewhere around $7500 is on par with market. I paid $8200 for my '98 916 about 3 years ago and in hindsight it was a little too much considering the amount of time and money I've put into it since.
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