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Thinking of buying a 2004 Monster 1000S IE

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hi guys / gals,

been a while since i have been on a bike (spent 20 years on dirt bikes), and now need one to get around town + some weekend fun.

alwyas like the Ducatis & hence joined the site today.

i am looking at a 2004 monster 1000 s IE. Wondering if anyone has one, good points/ bad points, things to check when buying etc

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I bought one (same year/ model) off e-bay last July. It had approx 2500 miles on it. I had only one thing go wrong- the ECU went bad on me, and had to replace for $900. This was the DP ECU model, necessary because it had the performance filter and pipes. Other than that it has been the most fun to ride of all the bikes I have owned (6 Yamahas and an SV-650). I was coming from a FJR 1300, so it seemed a bit small at first, but the lightness and manoverability quickly put that thought to sleep! I recommended it.
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