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November isn’t exactly winter, gets cold as you know, but I doubt you'll be tucking in behind a snow plow for the last leg into Boston.

I lived and was a daily commuter for years in the Virginia Beach, VA area. November was some of the best riding of the year down there. Point is you'll have perfect riding weather (depending on storms and such) for more than half the trip. That will probably start to change to the almost-too-cold-for-most-riders zone somewhere around upper Maryland or Delaware. Maybe even into New Jersey. You'll just have to keep a close eye on the weather before and during the trip. Only you know what you can tolerate the bike will be fine.

I commuted on a air cooled 900SSie and also on my current ST4s while in VA. 100 miles round trip a day. When it would get into the low 40s, I blocked the oil cooler off with some aluminum foil to allow the engine to get up to temp on the 900SS. On the ST4s I did the same for the oil cooler, but didn't do anything to the water radiator. Both were fine into the 20s, but that was my limit!

Buy an Aerostich, or one of the many clones. Carry some of those hand-warmer packs for your boots and gloves. STAY DRY.
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