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748 will require more maintenance due to a revvier engine. rockers, rockers, rockers... $$$ however, new/used parts seem to be more available nowadays since the introduction of 749/999's. the costs have come down quite a bit.

on the street, riding ergos aren't the best. would probably recommend bar risers to offset your riding position. new sprockets for lower gearing since it is geared too tall in slow to no go traffic. you'll find yourself feathering the clutch quite often.

on the track, it feels more at home like an i4/250 2-stroke with some lowend grunt and handles extremely well. i agree it's a little underpowered compared to current sportbikes but you can enter turns alot hotter, smash out, and slice through traffic with a little less effort.

very fun bike but i wouldn't recommend it as your primary. if you plan to do a good amount of trackdays, either go dedicated or secondary. pickup a cheap beater for primary transportation and ride the duc on a friday or weekend. i guarantee you will have some sort of downtime so you don't want to be stuck with no ride. good luck with your decision..
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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